Zoot Suit (Pete Meaden)

From the "Thirty Years of Maximum R&Bquot; liner notes by Brian Cady.

Produced by Chris Parmeinter and Peter Meaden at Fontana Studios, London June 1964 (seven takes)

The A-side of The Who's first single during their short-lived period as The High Numbers. One of two songs written for The High Numbers by their amphetamined Mod manager Peter Meaden. As with "I'm The Face," the melody was lifted, this one from "Misery," a 1963 recording by the Detroit soul group The Dynamics (White Fang has a sample from the disc here).

After its Fontana release in 1964, "Zoot Suit" did not have another legitimate release until it appeared on the Quadrophenia Soundtrack in October 1979.

I'm the hippiest number in town and I'll tell you why,
I'm the snappiest dresser right down to my inch wide tie,
And to get you wise I'll explain it to you,
A few of the things that a face is supposed to do.

I wear zoot suit jacket with side vents five inches long,
I have two-tone ????? yeah you know this is wrong.
But the main thing is unless you're a fool,
Ah you know you gotta know, yeah you know, yeah you gotta be cool.

So all you tickets I just want you to dig me,
With my striped zoot jacket that the sods can plainly see,
So the action lies with all of you guys,
Is how you look in the other, the other, yeah, the other cat's eye.

Well don't you see, well don't you see, well don't you see now,
Well don't you see now, come on baby, 'cause don't you see now, oh baby,
Well don't you see now, you drive me wild, hmm hmm hmm, you're crazy-looking now.

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Thirty Years Of Maximum R & B 1:59
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