Unholy Trinity (Pete Townshend) Eel Pie Publishing Ltd. / BMG Music Publishing, Ltd.

Pete: "The three kids are from very different families. Gabriel is from a show biz family of lapsed Christians. Josh is from a fairly devout Jewish family (they observe Sabbath) who have suffered a tragedy, the loss of their father in an incident in Israel [a suicide bombing - BSC]. Leila, from a Muslim family who have also suffered a loss: that of her beautiful and charismatic mother who died when she was very young. They each share fantasies, and afflictions, gifts and ideas, and become deeply committed friends. Like urchin-angels they share their secrets: Gabriel hears music; Josh voices; Leila can fly."


This was not included in most live performances of the mini-opera. It was performed at shows in Philadelphia (Sept. 12, 2006), Jones Beach (Sept. 13, 2006) and Calgary (Oct. 5, 2006).

Three kids from the neighbourhood
Three different lives
Three different ways to be
Three identical smiles

We're not the same
But we can talk
We kiss and link our arms
We take a walk

We watch the tide ebb away
Carry ideas to the sea
We hear the music
Remember being free

We are unholy Trinity
In love forever
We are the sea
We are the ocean
We are the free
We are unholy Trinity


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Endless Wire 2:07
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