The Dirty Jobs (Pete Townshend) Fabulous Music, Ltd.

Piano by Chris Stainton. Stainton, replacing the usual Who-keyboardists Nicky Hopkins or Al Kooper, was an ex-member of Joe Cocker's Grease Band.  

Pete Townshend: "Suitably disenchanted with his former religion Rock & Roll, he gets a job as a dustman. Unfortunately, his extremely left-wing views are not appreciated by his work mates and he passes on to greater things. No sound effects were available to get the stink across so we used a brass band. Incongruous enough?"  

Roger Daltrey: "He gets a job as a dustman like most kids have to do when they leave school at fifteen. There's nothing much else. He gets pissed off with that. Of course, when you do something that stinks there's always a lot of other stinky things around. And he gets mixed up with the stinkiest thing of all, politics!"

Dropped from the live act after one performance on October 28, 1973 and not revived until 1996.

I am a man who looks after the pigs
Usually I get along okay.
I am man who reveals all he digs,
Should be more careful what I say.

I'm getting put down,
I'm getting pushed round,
I'm being beaten every day.
My life's fading,
But things are changing,
I'm not gonna sit and weep again.

I am man who drives a local bus
I take miners to work, but the pits all closed today.
It's easy to see that you are one of us.
Ain't it funny how we all seem to look the same?

We're getting put down etc.

My karma tells me
You've been screwed again.
If you let them do it to you
You've got yourself to blame.
It's you who feels the pain
It's you that feels ashamed.

I am a young man
I ain't done very much,
You men should remember how you used to fight.
Just like a child, I've been seeing only dreams,
I'm all mixed up but I know what's right.

I'm getting put down etc.

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Quadrophenia 4:29
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