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This song was originally called "She's a Sensation" and was written about an Australian groupie with a "spiritual presence" that Pete met during The Who's disastrous Antipodean tour in February 1968.

This originally was placed in the opera to express Tommy's cure. It was often dropped from the live version.


I overwhelm as I approach you
Make your lungs hold breath inside!
Lovers break caresses for me
Love enhanced when I've gone by.

You'll feel me coming,
A new vibration
>From afar you'll see me
I'm a sensation.

They worship me and all I touch
Hazy eyed they catch my glance,
Pleasant shudders shake their senses
My warm momentum throws their stance.

You'll feel me coming
A new vibration
>From afar you'll see me
I'm a sensation.

I leave a trail of rooted people
Mesmerised by just the sight,
The few I touch are now disciples
Love as One I Am the Light...

Soon you'll see me can't you feel me
I'm coming...
Send your troubles dancing he knows the answer
I'm coming...
I'm a sensation.

This song appears on:

Source Length notes
Tommy 2:27
Join Together 2:21 Live
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