Run Run Run (Pete Townshend) TRO-Essex Music, Inc. (BMI)

From the A Quick One liner notes by Chris Charleworth with additions by Brian Cady:

Recorded at IBC Studios, London the week of Oct. 3, 1966.

This song was first recorded by a band called The Cat and produced by Pete, on the Reaction label released May 1966. This stereo version of 'Run Run Run' was previously only available on Backtrack 3, a Track Records sampler, featuring The Who on Side One and Jimi Hendrix on Side Two.

In the U.S. the stereo version was the common mix.


Run, run, run
Run, run, run
Run, run, run
Run, run, run

Well baby, better take my advice
A black cat crossed your path twice
The moon came out next to the 1
Then you opened your umbrella in a room

You better run, run, run
Run, run, run
Run, run, run
Run, run, run

Well you ain't the luckiest girl I know
And you won't get luckier the way you're going
Your horseshoe's rusty and your mirror's cracked
You walk under ladders then you walk right back


When you dropped that little pin
Never thought what a mess it'd get you in
Little pin, little pin, bring me luck
Because I stopped to pick you up


Well now, little girl, I'm helping you
I hope you believe what I say is true
Whenever you run, I'll be running too
Whenever you run, I'll be following you


Run, run, run

This song appears on:

Source Length notes
A Quick One 2:43
Happy Jack 2:43
A Quick One - CD Reissue 2:43
The BBC Sessions 3:17
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