Postcard (John Entwistle) New Ikon Music, Ltd., PRS

From the "Odds & Sods" liner notes by Brian Cady.

Produced by The Who at Eel Pie Studios (a/k/a Pete's garage in Twickenham) late May 1970 with additional horns produced and played by John Entwistle and recorded at Ramport Studios, London 1974.

"'Postcard' is a John Entwistle song about touring on the road. He describes in luscious detail the joys and delights of such romantic venues as Australia (pause to fight off temporary attack of nausea), America (pause to count the money) and, of course, that country of the mysterious and doubting customs official, Germany (pause, whether they like it or not, for 'God Save The Queen'). Listen out for the field sound effects ACTUALLY RECORDED IN THE COUNTRIES WE TOURED. 'Postcard' was originally recorded in my house for a maxi single. They were EP's that only cost as much as a single. Ours unfortunately never got released. I engineered this one with one hand on the controls and the other on the guitar. That's why I only play one chord throughout the whole song."
--Pete Townshend

This EP was listed in Gary Herman's 1970 book The Who as being their next release. The track listing he gave was "Water"; "Don't Know Myself"/"Naked Eye"; "Postcard". During the Summer 1970 North America tour Pete said, perhaps jokingly, that this EP's title would be called 6 ft. Wide Garage, 7 ft. Wide Car, a reference to it being recorded in Pete's garage. After the tour, Pete told Disc and Music Echo that the tracks would be "Water", "I Don't Even Know Myself", "Postcard" and "Now I'm a Farmer".

"Postcard" was the single pulled from Odds & Sods in the U.S. (the first U.S. Who single with an Entwistle A-side ) backed with "Put The Money Down." It hit the Cash Box charts November 23, 1974 where it peaked at #64 (it did not make the Billboard charts). The single was also released in Canada, in France with B-side "I'm The Face" and in Brazil as the first track on an EP. 

Track 20 on the 1998 Odds and Sods CD which features a different mix from the original.

We're having a lovely time, wish you were here
We're having a lovely time, wish you were here

There's miles of frankfurters and people who hurt us in Germany
We haven't played since yesterday
There's just ten more shows and one week to go
We'd all like to go


Great piles of spaghetti, bad vibes like confetti in Italy
We go by train and not by plane
We'd come home by car if it wasn't too far
To drive home by car

Hope you're well at home,
Next week I'll try to phone,
Not very long to go,
I'll tell you when I'm coming home as soon as I know


There's lots of French fries, disapproving eyes in the U.S.A.
We've had no shows since I don't know
There's just one thing wrong, we've been here too long
The money's all gone


There's kangaroos and we're bad news in Australia
Thrown off the plane for drinking beer
So long on the plane it drove us insane
So long on the plane

Hope you're well at home,
Next week I'll try to phone
Not very long to go
I'll tell you when I'm coming home as soon as I know


We've done very well, but we've been to hell and heaven as well

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Odds & Sods 3:32
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