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Roger: "We recorded it last year [1981] and it's terrible. It's so cliched isn't it? I quite like it but I don't think it's exceptional. It could be a Rolling Stones song, it could be a -- it's just an ordinary song as far as I'm concerned. It was pulled out of Face Dances at the last minute." 

Previously called "Virginia" on bootlegs. This track is missing a section of the track on most copies. Some MCA U.S. issues have an almost complete version.

I read your letter and the things you say

You said power chords are all that we should play
Well this is what you're gonna eat today, Virginia

'Cause if power chords are what you say you need
Look inside your body, baby, you will see
That man and egg and flying seed is in ya, you got it in ya

And if you depend on me to make you rock and roll
Well you better look out titch, because we're gettin' old
Look inside and check out your neglected soul, Virginia

'Cause I can seem to dance all night alone on the scene
Or VIP and fight down at the music machine
But as for you, the place to look for rock and roll is in ya

You got it in ya
You got it in ya
You know you got it in ya
Ooh, it's in ya
Ooh, you got it in ya

Your letter came and today is the eighth
This is the day that Moonie earned his wraith
And it makes me want to tell you stuff on letters, Dear Virginia

And if you really care then better stay awake
Check me out again, baby, and say that I'm a fake
And you can then forsake the part of me that's in ya

Oh, it's in ya
Oh now, you got me in ya
Ooh, yeah, it's all in ya
Can you feel it in ya? 

You got it in ya
You've got it in your heart
You got it in ya
I'm just a tiny part of what is in ya
Please remember, Darling, Sweet Virginia
That everything you need's already in ya! 

Well I forgive completely all your lack of tact
My patience's holding out and it's a hard-earned fact
That I could easily buy your time, Dearest Virginia

But you will always give me just a-one more chance
You'll hang around and ask me for a chance to dance
But I can't make you jump, baby, if it ain't in ya

You've got it in ya
You've got it in your heart
You've got it in ya
You know, I'm just a tiny part of what is in ya
Please remember Darling, Sweet Virginia
Everything you need's already in ya!

Oh, yeah, you've got it in ya
You got me in ya
Hey titch...
You got me in ya
You got it 


This song appears on:

Source Length notes
Face Dances 5:01 [previously unreleased]
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