Instant Party Mixture (Pete Townshend) TRO-Devon Music, Inc. (BMI)

From the My Generation liner notes by Brian Cady:

Recorded January 12, 1966 at IBC Studios, London.

A previously unreleased track on My Generation: Deluxe Edition originally intended as the b-side of The Who's planned but unreleased follow-up single to "My Generation," "Circles." Until its 2002 release this song was known only in bootleg copies of Pete's demo version known as "Party & Lies" or "Partyin' Pete." It has no connection with the two renamed recordings of "Circles" released as "Instant Party."

shoop-shoop shoop-sha-wadda-wadda

I guess you know what makes a party go
If you don't, we better let you know
The reason why I've seen is really hot
Yes, it's all because they're smoking a new cigarette - it's called...

shoop-shoop shoop-sha-wadda-wadda

From East to West the people gather around
DJ's playing really groovy sounds
He blasts the music, I would like more thrills
That's 'cause you really have those Earache problems

shoop-shoop shoop-sha-wadda-wadda

Don't hesitate to bring your mum and dad
Hate to think that they're in home in bed
What makes grandpa do the Monster Mash?
It's 'cause me pockets are full of Sausage 'n' Mash!

shoop-shoop shoop-sha-wadda-wadda
shoop-shoop-shoop shoop-shoop-sha-wadda-wadda

This song appears on:

Source Length notes
My Generation - Deluxe Edition 3:24
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