I Don't Mind (James Brown) Lois Music (BMI)

From the My Generation liner notes by Brian Cady:


Recorded April 12-14, 1965 at IBC Studios, London. 

"This was going to be on our first LP which never came out. It's just a straight copy, well the best we could do of a James Brown number. It sounds better the way we do it now."
--Pete Townshend (1965)

A cover of the song originally recorded by James Brown and The Famous Flames. Brown's original hit the U.S. Billboard charts May 15, 1961. It would have been more familiar to British listeners from its appearance on James Brown's Live at the Apollo LP.

The complete recording cut short on the original album appears as a previously unreleased track on My Generation: Deluxe Edition.

I don't mind your love
I don't mind the one you're thinkin' of
I know, I know
You gonna miss me

I don't mind your love so sound
I don't mind, it can't go cold
I know, I know
You gonna miss me

I don't mind, it's the end of my song
I don't mind, good-bye, so long
I know, said, baby I know
You gonna miss me

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