Circles (Pete Townshend) BMI

From the My Generation liner notes by Brian Cady:

Recorded January 12, 1966 at IBC Studios, London.

The first Who song recorded with brass performed by John Entwistle.

"When we recorded our first LP and wanted a bit of a different sound, Pete told our manager, Kit Lambert, that I could play trumpet. He thought Pete was joking at first but then said he'd give it a try. I showed him I could play the trumpet and in the end we used French horn."
--John Entwistle

"Circles" is the last Who recording produced by Shel Talmy. It was scheduled to be released on Brunswick records as an A-side single on February 18, probably with the unreleased track "Instant Party Mixture" as the B-side, but was withdrawn when it became clear that The Who intended to break their contract with Shel Talmy. It eventually appeared on the B-side of the "A Legal Matter" single in Europe where it was retitled "Instant Party" then retained that title when it appeared as the last track on the U.S. LP. The mono version is available on CD on the Canadian import The Who Sings My Generation and the My Generation remaster released in Japan in 2008. The stereo version from My Generation: Deluxe Edition is missing John's horn part. An alternate take was first released on the 2008 My Generation Box released in Japan.

Circles, my head is going round in circles
My mind is caught up in a whirlpool
Dragging me down

Time will tell if I'll take the homeward track
Dizziness will make my feet walk back
Walk right back to you

Everything I do, I think of you
No matter how I try, I can't get by
These circles, leading me back to you

Round and around and around and around and around
and around and around and around and around

And round and round like a fool I go
Down and down in the pool I go
Dragging me down


There one thing could kill the pain of losing you
But it gets me so dizzy then I'm walking right back again
Back to you

Time will tell if these dreams are nearly fact
Don't know why I left, I'm coming back
Coming on back to you

This song appears on:

Source Length notes
The Who Sings My Generation 3:12
Two's Missing 2:32 Revised Version
My Generation - Deluxe Edition 3:13
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