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Pete Townshend: "A weird kind of song which I wrote to celebrate a wonderful two days I spent living as a tramp in Switzerland. I decided I was going to give up the music business forever, and I got my wallet and passport, and a bottle of brandy, and went off in a town called Berne. Berne is famous for its big brown bears in these cages up in the hills. I spent about sixteen hours walking around, sleeping under trees and all that, and I was thinking 'I don't know if I want to be a tramp now,' but I was drunk enough to decide it would be worthwhile just going and visiting the bears. I don't know whether or not I really wanted to get torn to pieces or not, but I think I was in that frame of mind when I really just did not give a damn. I went up to this bear pit and I went down this bit where all the apple cores are and climbed up the rocks on the other side. I was always thinking 'If I could get in, I wonder why they couldn't get out?' I went into this big sort of cage at the back and walked inside. It really stank but luckily the bears aren't there in the middle of winter. Really, it's just a song about sometimes you can go and say 'Right! I'm going to do something really amazing and stupid and devastating,' and then you end up looking like a complete idiot."

The above events happened over March 29 through 30, 1980. According to Richard Barnes, Pete was discovered passed out in the bear pit and was flown immediately to Vienna (and, one hopes, showered) to perform there with The Who in Vienna that night. Pete's demo version appears on his solo album Scoop. "Cache-cache" is French for "hide and seek."

This track is 3'52 on the 1997 remix.

Did you ever sleep in a bear pit
With apple cores and mice along
Did you ever lay on ice and grit
Or search for a place where the wind was gone

Did you ever tramp up endless hills
Past cosy homes with secret beds
Did you ever dream of a suicide pill
And wake up cold to the smell of bread

Well I have slept there badly twice
And shared my straw with scratchin mice
Although you'll find some deep brown hair
I'll tell you something for nothing
There ain't no bears in there (cache cache)
Not a single bear in there (cache cache)

Did you ever have to make a draw
For a hard wooden bench or a bed of stone
Did you ever jemmy a stable door
Or scare the horse to escape the snow

Did you ever invade a neat little yard
Wake up the children who hope for ghosts
Did you ever cause their dogs to bark
Their guests to curse their noisy hosts

Don't jump in expectin fun
Don't swagger in there with your elephant gun
Don't enter the cage with wavin chairs
Cos I'll tell you something for nothing
There ain't no bears in there (cache cache)
Not a single bear in there (cache cache)

Did you ever pass the police at work
And hope that they might take you in
Did you ever wonder why music hurts
When someone plays it aloof to sin
Did you ever believe that a smile could cure
A happy face keep you warm at night?
Were you ever fooled by laughters lure
Only to find that they laughed in spite?

Chorus: (as above)

Did you ever finally find a place
A soft warm bed in a room of flowers
And when you finally laid down your face
You found you slept for a hundred hours
A hundred hours.

There ain't no bears in there (cache cache)

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