Bucket T (Altfield/Christian/Torrance) Screen-Gems-EMI Music, Inc. (BMI)

From the A Quick One liner notes by Chris Charleworth with additions by Brian Cady:


Recorded at IBC Studios Oct. 11, 1966.

Released on the Ready Steady Who! EP. Originally recorded by L.A. surf duo Jan & Dean. The Who's surf music influence came solely from Keith, once the drummer in The Beachcombers, a surf band from Wembley. Keith's all-time favorite song was The Beach Boys' 'Don't Worry Baby.'

The original version appeared on Jan & Dean's LP Dead Man's Curve.

Despite their name, The Beachcombers were not a surf band.

The Swedish TV show Popside filmed The Who recording this track. It was released as a single in Sweden shortly after the clip aired and became one of the few Who singles anywhere to reach #1.

Bucket bucket T T, bucket T bucket T,
Bucket bucket T T, bucket T bucket T,
Bucket bucket T T, bucket T bucket T,

Found her in a barn in Tennessee
I paid five bucks for my Bucket T
Took me three years of sweat and blood
To clean off all that Tennessee mud

My Bucket T (Bucket T)
Bucket T (Bucket T)
My Bucket T (Bucket T)
My Bucket T (Bucket T)
T T T... Bucket bucket bucket...

Cruise down the street in front of school
I wanna rev it up but I gotta be cool
Drivin' down the road I'll get my kicks
A'poppin' the clutch and a'slippin' the sticks


I was right, too, she's first in her class
There's nothing on the freeway she don't pass
All the girls want to take a ride with me
But there's only one seat in my Bucket T


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